Willpower Wrestling offers beginners and advanced wrestling classes for young athletes 5 - 14 years old and wrestling and fitness classes for young adults 15 years old and up.

Our best wrestlers compete on our club team


6 and Under Wrestling Classes

Our 6 and under class is perfect for kids 6 years old and younger who are being introduced to sports for the first time.

Kids learn wrestling basics, have fun and gain self confidence

14 and Under Wrestling Classes

Our 14 and under classes range from beginners new to mixed martial arts to elite wrestlers competing for our club team. Learn more about our offerings below to find the right fit for your athlete

High School and Young Adult Wrestling Class

Our High School and Young Adult Wrestling Class is geared toward experienced wrestlers training for competitions and staying in wrestling wrestling shape


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Support Willpower

You need willpower to be a champion. You also need a supportive community. Here at Willpower we support our best wrestlers through scholarships to reduce the cost of training, a traveling club team to showcase their talent, and residencies for world class wrestlers and coaches to share their experience. Please consider making a donation to support these programs.