Class Structure

This class is 1.5 hours long. In a typical class you can expect 3 parts

1. Warm Up

Jogging, calisthenics, wrestling “gymnastics,” and games to help kids develop strength and coordination

2.  Wrestling Technique

Instruction and drilling to develop wrestling fundamentals

3. King of the Mat

Takedowns competition to help kids enjoy the feeling of competing and build their confidence


We limit class size to 25 kids so that each athlete gets a lot of personal coaching.

Th 14 & Under beginners class is run by Head Coach Damir who works with each athlete to develop basic wrestling fitness and wrestling technique fundamentals.

Coach Damir is often supported by our Club Director, Coach Andrew and a few of our elite wrestlers from our youth club team. This helps our beginner wrestlers get hands on help from older wrestlers and see the path in front of them.

What You Should Bring

The beauty of wrestling is that it requires little that you can’t find within yourself. That said, you’ll want to bring a few things with you to practice.

1. Comfortable clothes

Bring a t-shirt, socks, and either soft shorts or sweatpants.

2. Bottle of water

Your child will sweat and want to stay hydrated.

3. Wresting Shoes

If you are just trying the class out, you can just wear socks. If you decide to commit to the class, you will need wrestling shoes help you grip the mat so you don’t slip. This makes the drills much easier and reduces the chance of injury.

If you want to learn more about getting wrestling shoes, check out our blog post on finding the right wrestling shoe.

Class Schedule

This class meets year round.

Tuesdays and Thursdays

5:00 PM to 6:30 PM


10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Class Pricing

3 pricing options to fit your needs

Drop In

$40 / Class

1 Class / Week

$160 / Month

3 Classes / Week

$240 / Month

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