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Session Structure

This class is 1 – 1.5 hour(s) long. In a typical class you can expect 3 periods

1. Warm Up / Instruction

Jogging, calisthenics, and wrestling “gymnastics,” with instruction for integrating these exercises into your workout routines

2.  Wrestling Technique

Instruction and drilling to develop wrestling fundamentals

3. Diagnostic

A period for our coaches to provide feedback on what the athlete needs to focus on and athletes to ask questions about workout planning, competition strategy, independent routines for supporting lessons learned, film study, and more

For 5 session or more plans, we will also help you develop a Learning Advancement Plan to help make sure anything you learn with us sticks with you. This may include:

⊕  Independent training schedules

⊕  Peak Training Plan

⊕  Sleep and diet tracking, and more


1 on 1 sessions always command the undivided attention of one of our coaches. Depending on the session, one of our club team wrestlers might join as a workout partner.

We are blessed at Willpower to have an extraordinary coaching staff of Olympians, USSR Masters of Sport, and Division I All-Americans.

We will match you up with the best coach to meet your needs.

What You Should Bring

You are welcome to bring a partner to these 1 on 1 sessions or come alone depending on your goals. You’ll also want to bring

1. Comfortable clothes

Bring a t-shirt, socks, and either soft shorts or sweatpants.

2. Bottle of water

Always stay hydrated.

3. Wresting Shoes or Running Shoes

This depends on the workout location: inside or outside

Session Pricing

3 package options options to fit your needs

1 Session


5 Sessions


$68 / Session

10 Sessions


$60 / Session

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