You don't always have a coach around to plan your workout.

So we made you wrestling workouts you can do at home. Wrestling drills, strength training, conditioning and recovery routines.

Check them out.


Conditioning Drills

Nothing sucks the wind out of you like a tough wrestling match.

This collection of at-home conditioning drills for wrestlers is made to help wrestlers develop the endurance required for wrestling.

Strength Training  Routines

These strength training routines for wrestlers are made to help you develop the balance of muscle endurance, speed, and strength needed to wrestle at your peak. 

Wrestling Drills

There is no such thing as too much drilling. Drilling is 75% of wrestling training.

You can use these wrestling drills to improve your shots, throws, even simulate a live match.

Resistance Bands Training

A good resistance band workout is the next best thing to a live wrestling session.

Here we have resistance bands training routines specifically for wrestlers  conditioning, strength training, and wrestling drills.

Recovery Routines

Every day on the wrestling mat is a grind.

You need to put in the effort to recover to avoid injuries and get yourselves ready for the next day of training.

This is a collection of recovery routines from stretching to yoga to self-massage that will help you recover from a tough day on the mat

Need a Little Guidance?

Try out our Get Back on the Mat 4 Week Training Program


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